When my son was born in 2016, I was the mom who took monthly photos for her baby, just to have the memory to look back on. Right then and there I knew that family portraits were going to be a yearly tradition for us. Every year, we carve out time to capture our family and we have ordered full portrait albums each year. Having tangible memories of family to look through is something I never got to experience as a child. My soul goal as a mother is to give my children anything and everything I didn’t have as a child bu needed. My children will often pull down the family albums and flip through them. This past year’s photos included my son refusing to wear nice shoes and insisted on wearing his blue rain boots! Guess what? It’s one of my favorite things about the photo — and surely a moment I will never forget. 

Whether your kids are 3 and 5, of if they’re grown with babies of their own, take the time. Let’s talk about what photos will be captured for generations to look back on. Let me capture the messy, the loud, the chaos —- because it’s all so beautiful, and mamas, you and I both know the only way we are going to ever be in photos is fi we book a portrait session! Let’s capture your family, your story, your legacy. 

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Taken by Loren Jackson Photography

Yes, we sure do! The secret ingredient to outfits is coordination, not matching. We also want to avoid wearing white as a solid color, because it tends to wash people out and doesn’t allow for much contrast in your images. We provide an email prep guide full of tips and tricks on how to rock your family portraits! 

Do you provide styling tips for outfits?

We simply reschedule! I only take on a hand full of sessions per month, which leaves plenty of availability for rain checks! 

What if the weather is inclement?

I would never edit anything like that without a specific request, as I pride myself on making everyone feel their best in front of my camera! If additional retouching is requested, that would e an add on service to our portrait session and would be quoted case by case! 

Do you photoshop things we don’t like about ourselves. Ex: Slimming, teeth whitening, etc?

Portrait session galleries are turned around within a 2 week period! 

How long till we receive our gallery?

This number varies on many different things, but generally a one hour session will deliver between 40-50 images. 

How many photos are included in a one hour session?





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We would love to chat with you about your family photos!
We only schedule a limited number of family sessions per year to give our families the best possible experience! 

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